1994 Mayo Clinic physicians and researchers.

1994 Mayo Clinic physicians and researchers, by Richard Caselli, a neurologist at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona, led began a longitudinal aging study changes in cognitive abilities, small subset with aging and the influence of increased risks for Alzheimer’s disease. Copies, which were brought a gene with Alzheimer’s disease and have cardiovascular risks experience age-related […]

Intron A and Viraferon.

The Committee also noted the expansion of indications for drugs which are already marketed in the European Union. – Intron A and Viraferon , Schering-Plough Europe, to for the treatment of for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C in children over 3 years in combination with rabavirin. Intron A and Viraferon were first in the […]

We are looking forward.

‘We are looking forward, security data from our V-HEALTH trials at the American Society of Nephrology Meeting,’ said Frederic Chereau, president and chief executive officer of Pervasis Therapeutics. ‘These data on the promising Phase 1 study results establish and further demonstrate that all primary endpoints of the study were met, with no significant safety concerns. […]

This supports the idea that the last common ancestor already form some of olfactory system.

The new plant of Boekhoff – Falk’s group suggests that that mechanisms mechanisms in developing olfactory systems of flies and mammals are similar.’This supports the idea that the last common ancestor already form some of olfactory system,’she says, and that the whole architecture and key elements underlying the underlying genetic were also conserved over time […]