Providing full web-based functionality ProSol Cardiovascular CVIIS is a vendor – and hardware-independent, for patients . True integration of all cardiovascular modalities. In collaboration with leading cardiologists, ProSolv CardioVascular has developed sophisticated applications for viewing, analysis and reporting of clinical images and information. Besides being a high-performance system offers ProSolv Cardiovascular users with a single point of entry instant image viewing and reporting. This structure allows doctors and staff to access the information they need to work efficiently and determination in its efforts the best possible care the best care for patients.

‘The first idea behind the system was to make efficient use of patients with orthopedic injuries , immobilization period to reduce cast – induced atrophy,’said Shlomi Cohen a well – StimuHeal.

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Develop the dilapidated health systems in the Occupied Palestinian Territories be almost impossible under military occupation. Which best-case scenario, health health , the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state. Into in the fifth and final securities The Lancet Series on Health to the Occupied Palestinian Territory Dr. Dr. Awad Mataria, Birzeit University, OPTION and colleagues.

Jeopardized financial Availability to health care especially on the most deprived sectors of the population, since the year 2000. Results of recent surveys show Healthcare on a representative sample of population was unable of being on health care account of high costs and people with financial problems or poverty are twice as frequently as rich men in accessing hospital treatment unsuccessful.