CTCs in the blood in the blood of 71 percent and 92 percent of non-metastatic and metastatic patients check all about the treatment . More CTCs were found in patients with metastatic CaP. There was a significant correlation between the detection of CTC and increasing Gleason score and advanced tumor stages in the patients. There was also a significant correlation between the presence of CTCs and the detection of LOH in specific regions of the genome. Schwarzenbach H, Alix Panabi res C, M ller I, Letang N, Vendrell JP, Rebillard X, Pantel K. Clinical Cancer Research? 2009 Feb 1, 15 :1032-8 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-08-1910. To get the latest urology news releases from UroToday access.

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The Wiener AFFiRiS announced today that that its atherosclerosis vaccine history the program gets assistance from EU EUROTRANS-BIO phone call the supported project. Known as a CETP Vaccine – for the AFFITOME technological of AFFiRiS and the will be bing together with EMC microcollections GmbH from T, Germany carried out? long lasting effect for an effective strategy against arteriosclerosis is evident from of the relevant numbers. Diseases of the cardiovascular circulatory system are the commonest cause death in Europe and the U.S. In Europe this is at the root of of almost 50 percent of all deaths A leading cause out of the cardiovascular diseases is atherosclerosis, a restriction of the main arteries by fatty deposits. Although there be option for medicamentous intervention in the form with statins, those to be of limited than to be effective, spite of some notable successes. – CSO Dr. Frank Mattner says: ‘Today’s therapies with a statin act on low density lipoproteins cholesterol and reduce its concentration blood this method of treatment of may of reducing the chance of serious heart diseases to less than 30 percent. – and this is only when the patient is the necessary medications regularly takes and incorrect in contrast, our vaccine approach on lowering cholesterol levels transfer from HDL to LDL to , increasing the concentration the competitive HDL the vaccine approach with its long-lasting effect. Proteins, or with the life long, day medications at to avoid to take a strict regime. ‘.

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CEO Dr. Walter Schmidt continues. So far we have that to develop vaccines against three illnesses famous – Alzheimer ‘s, Parkinson’s and time now arteriosclerosis Currently, four any additional indications be well partial our development pipeline that all them wherein an extremely high number by patients, but also by a lack of insufficient treatment. This this indication fine well to our long-term strategy. Our strategy is himself starts to be paid returned, how the license agreement a value of EUR 430 million, which we have recently graduated. GSK Biologicals including in terms of rights for technology to our Alzheimer vaccine programs .