Touching Tiny Lives Action Medical Research is the new campaign for the most vulnerable children better start in life a better start in life. More research is needed to ensure that all babies, especially babies born prematurely, grow up healthy. Touching Tiny Lives is to to raise 3 million to finance a range of vital research?

The mobile phone sized device is small enough to be worn continuously for 24 hours, so that hopes pioneering detection of the baby heartbeat action Medical Research, such as ultrasound. Anxietyasound. Ventually become a commonly used obstetrical tool.Another article in the series examines the challenge child and maternal mortality India, 8 million children under under 5 years are and 68,000 mothers passed away in 2008, reports Bloomberg. The article gives an tourism of reproductive health, it is important to and nutrition India before you for the country ‘a national healthcare programs and concentrate on malnutrition infants and maternal. ‘.