The author pointed out that the decrease in body hair in primates could have brought bipedalism as a necessary consequence, through the strong selective pressure of safe infant carrying, as infants were no longer able to clinch their mother body hair. In the author’s opinion, safe transport of heavy infants justified the emergence of the biped form of exercise. Although an adult human being gorilla is much heavier than an adult, his progeny check information . Only half the weight of a human baby.

Through a detailed mechanical analysis of how different types of apes – gibbons, orangutans and gorillas – carry their young, look at the properties of ape hair, her back.handle, adult hair density and carrying position Amaral demonstrates a relationship between infant weight hair friction and body angle, ape infants is safely backed up.

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Nile Therapeutics announced that it preliminary data from their multicentre, open-label Phase 2a clinical study, CD-NP, a novel chimaeric natriuretic peptide, brought for patients the hospital acute heart failure.