19 years, 19 years, Tsiaras and his team amassed an impressive library of visualizations using full-body scans, ultra – powerful microscopes and molecular modeling tools that to visualize visualize – with proprietary programs he developed – the body in brilliant detail.

Research from the October issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine emphasizes a new way of of collecting this information – a virtual fly-through three-dimensional 18F-FDG PET / computed tomography bronchoscopy, which has a high diagnostic accuracy for the detection of regional lymph node metastasis. After A. Heusner, senior author of the study to ‘Diagnostic Accuracy of Virtual 18F-FDG PET / CT Bronchoscopy for the Detection of Lymph Node Metastases in Non – Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients ‘, this is one of the first studies to be virtual bronchoscopy virtual bronchoscopy program functional information and anatomical data.. Scan shows high diagnostic accuracy for the detection of non-small cell lung cancer metastasesIn patients with non – small cell lung cancer the accurate determination of lymph node status before therapy is crucial to develop an individualized treatment plan.The study, which was partly funded with the Medical Research Council took place, carried the performed. Emerging Risk Factors coalition of the University of Cambridge There are released an online reservation today in The Lancet.