In our calculations therapyThe determination of the precise anatomical location of the tumor is the prerequisite for setting optimal parameters for radiation treatment of prostate cancer get information here . This approach guarantees that the ionizing radiation only destroys tumor cells and not to other organs in the vicinity of the prostate. In a cooperative study with the Medical University of Innsbruck and the Eastern Vienna Center of Social Medicine, two physicists at the Vienna University of Technology , evaluated the mean deviation of radiation parameters for prostate cancer and compared various sources of radiation.

Vienna . – Movement inaccuracies of up to two cm occur in prostate radiation. During the irradiation, the patient lying on a table for about 20 minutes without agitation. Over time, the muscles relax falls. Falls. As a result of radiation, to focus on the bladder and other organs. In our calculations we focused us on the accuracy of the localization of the prostate and the potential for improvement in treatment, says Karin Poljanc, Assistant Professor at the Atomic Institute of the Austrian Universities.

Cover avert The main services and practices required child mortality in Africa better antenatal care and qualified participating in the birth, early and exclusive breastfeeding followed of appropriate complementary feeding practices, immunization by vaccination by vaccination teething, adequate nutrition, protecting towards and treatment of malaria that treat for moms and children with HIV and prevention of mother – at – child transmission HIV, better drinking water sources, sanitation and improvements in hygiene. Wrap the operations combined and provides them to the mothers and children as part of the continuum the cultivation increases effectiveness. – reduced on request from the African Union, the strategy framework on African countries in their efforts for which toll of mother and child mortality assist were developed by the World Health Organization, the World Bank, UNICEF and UNFPA. Is measured sketches a three-phase approach to decrease child mortality rate – a minimal bundle extended package and maximum package of essential maternal, newborn and child. It is possible to up the challenge the challenge of help you many more young African children survive, said Veneman.

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