‘.. The problem of mitochondrial toxicity is now sufficiently well recognized that the FDA recently issued recommendations that all new antiviral drug candidates are tested for mitochondrial toxicity. MitoSciences ‘ tests have antiviral drugs antiviral drugs developers in their FDA submissions. – ‘Drug-induced mitochondrial toxicity, a problem that is receiving growing recognition,’said Jean-Paul Audette, CEO of MitoSciences. ‘A number of drugs that were withdrawn from the market, are now known the the function of mitochondria, and we are helping with working groups in most of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to them, mitochondrial toxicity screening are early in their safety assessment programs.

MitoSciences has MitoTox line of assays , the complete set of solutions for identifying adverse effects caused by a wide range of mitochondrial therapeutic compounds develops. The MitoTox line assays is offered both as a kit and as a service through MitoSciences ‘ CRO division. MitoSciences is also working with several of the assays MitoTox together for use in clinical applications, such as companion diagnostics and validate in that effort with leading clinical researchers in several countries..In recent years, McGill significant agreements having a range of important centers of of neuroscientific research new impulses for new ideas for advances in this important area of health care. .. The two Swiss institutions form the Neuroscience Center Zurich In past years bring composed four hundred and forty a neuroscientist in the and fundamental research. Established in 1998, the ZNZ among the first international channels be study of neuroscience European. We are very excited to advance our innovative neuroscientific research from of an international Partnering with a leading network of neuroscientific research, said McGill Principal and Vice – Chancellor of Heather Chance – Blum, accompanied by Dr.