The study aims to women perceptions as vaginal products feel in their bodies and what product to to HIV prevention products would find a good feeling, so they investigate women to use acceptable.. High-quality andgle visit Directions in Reproductive Health Matters DiscussedJhpiego approach for the detection and treatment of precancerous lesions of the cervix during a single visit to a trained provider usually a nurse or midwife has to be a cost-effective and sustainable solution to prevent cervical cancer in low – resource countries. The single visit approach combines investigation and treatment in one visit, an important advantage in developing countries where access quality services remains a challenge. – In a recent issue of Reproductive Health Matters, Harshad Sanghvi, Jhpiego Vice President and Medical Director and colleagues, a substantive report titled ‘Cervical cancer screening using visual inspection with acetic acid published operational experiences from Ghana and Thailand ‘ that details, as these two countries have continued to high-quality and effective cervical cancer prevention services for many years after donor assistance , most developing countries is successfully successfully the introduction and scale-up the use of Pap test because the test in specialized laboratories need to be performed, and confirmation of pre-cancer requires visit to a specialist and more tests SVA depends detection of lesions using ordinary vinegar, followed by immediate treatment if lesions are visible.

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