Two physicists at the Vienna University of Technology get information here.

In our calculations therapyThe determination of the precise anatomical location of the tumor is the prerequisite for setting optimal parameters for radiation treatment of prostate cancer get information here . This approach guarantees that the ionizing radiation only destroys tumor cells and not to other organs in the vicinity of the prostate. In a cooperative […]

In craniosynostosis.

In craniosynostosis, the sutures between skull bones become ossified prematurely affecting skull shape and limiting space for the growth of the brain. It is observed in 1:2500 and often requires surgery. Supernumerary teeth are more common, and in most cases they require dental surgery. A combination of these anomalies in four children of a Pakistani […]

The genetically engineered mice consumed an equally high-fat diet.

The genetically engineered mice consumed an equally high-fat diet, but do not gaining weight, indicating that fat storage pathways can be optimized. ‘Perhaps the most striking finding that these mice from fatty liver, a serious problem of overweight individuals are protected with insulin resistance,’says Montminy. Our body’s ability to store fat requires the activity of […]

The study of the dental records of 4.

The study of the dental records of 4,732 people dentists and public health professionals at at the Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and Tufts University School of Medicine led was, with the Tufts Dental Facilities Serving People conducted special Needs , a network of dental clinics in Massachusetts, which provides oral hygiene for people […]

Cases per 100.

Cases per 100,000cidence Among New Zealand Women Drops 6 percent, with in HRT acceptance linkedbreast cancer incidence among New Zealand women decreased by 6 percent between 2002 and 2003, possibly due to a decline in hormone replacement therapy use, Madeleine Wall, Clinical leaders national screening Unit Breast Screen Aotearoa, said on Tuesday, the New Zealand […]